Hellifield Peel RestoredStone Fireplace with Inscription: Hellifield PeelNew Chimney & Restoration Work to Crenelations/Parapet: Hellifield PeelNew Chimney: Hellifield Peel
Inscription to Frieze on Stone Fireplace: Hellifield PeelStone Corbel with Inscribed Detail: Hellifield PeelCarved Detailing to Stone Fireplace: Hellifield PeelNew and Restored Stonework: Hellifield Peel
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Hellifield Peel won Dalesman Magazine Yorkshire Rural Awards Restoration of the Year 2007, presented by Alan Titchmarsh May 2007 and Grand Design Magazine Nations Favourite TV Home Award 2007 presented by Kevin McCloud at the Grand Designs Live Exhibition in June 2007.


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